Professional Medicine Volume 3 Issue 2


Our editorial team is pleased to present this issue of The Exponent Group Of Journals for Professional Medicine. Keeping in mind our aim to publish articles of common interest and current topics being read and discussed all over,we have covered some such topics in this issue to update our professional friends. Due to changing lifestyle and increase in stress levels,there has been a sharp rise in incidents of Acute Cardiac Arrest all over the world. In this issue we have covered the latest management protocol of Cardiac Arrest as per AHA ( American Heart Association) guidelines in the article Adult Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation.

Moving towards the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology,there has been a sharp increase in number of infertility cases all over the world and PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Disease) has been a major cause for such cases.This hot topic has been discussed in earlier issues also and many FAQ’s have been covered in this article.This is such a complex issue that we may require many more articles in future issues also to understand it more clearly. Chronic Renal Disease in Pregnancy, an issue not commonly encountered but yet requiring expertise in its management has been discussed in one such article. This article very well explains the practical way of management of such cases.

Use of mobile phones has become so common that understanding the ill effects of its overuse has become the need of the day.There have been claims and counterclaims about the bad effects of radiation from the mobile phones.In the article Mobile Phone use : Scare and care,we get to understand how these radiations occur and what care must be taken while using this useful and necessary gadget which has become a necessary part of our life. In this issue various topics have been covered which we hope, you all enjoy reading.

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